B.rhadaara.nyakopani.sad Adhyaaya 1

UP No. 994
Poleman No. 675

Description from IASWR, Descriptive Catalog of the Indic Manuscripts of the University of Pennsylvania

Title B.rhadaara.nyakopani.sad Adhyaaya 1
Manuscript Numbers Poleman Number: 675; UP Number:994.
Author ---
Subject Matter Veda. Upani.sad
Script Devanaagarii
Manuscript date Sa.mvat 1846 (1789 CE)
Number of folios 9 ff.
Number of lines 10--11
Manuscript material paper
Manuscript dimensions 31cm x 12.9cm
Manuscript condition Excellent
Name of scribe Govinda, son of Ka.n.dabha.t.ta
General comments Word divisions marked in red. Mistakes covered oer with yellow. Ogange powder rubbed in over invocation, colophons, numbers, and some syllables. Some marginal corrections and additions, most in a lighter ink. The date and name of the scribe are taken from Adhyaaya 6 of this text, Poleman 680, UP 999.
Name of cataloger ---
Date cataloged 12/6/71

Description from Poleman

(B.rhadaara.nyakopani.sad.) Adh. 1. 9 ff. 12.4 x 4.9. 10--11 lines. Sa.m. 1846, Copied by Govinda, son of Kha.n.dabha.t.ta. Word divisions marked. UP 994.


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