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Penn No. 0001--0100

UPENN No.Poleman No.Description in PolemanCategory in Poleman
00010007 .Rgveda. A.s.taka 1; 102ff. Sa.m. 1710 Çaka 1624. A.s.taka 2; 108ff.; Sa.m 1760, Çaka 1625. A.s.taka 3; 104ff.; same date. A.s.taka 4; 109ff.; same date. A.s.taka 5; 103ff.; Sa.m. 1761, Çaka 1626. A.s.taka 6; 109ff.; undated, but in same hand. A.s.taka 7; 101ff.l Sa.m 1710. Different hand from the above. Adh.1 of this a.s.taka is numbered 57, and the last 64. It contains some miscellaneous material from the Vâjasaneyisa.mhitâ., beginning on f.146 v. and continuing to f.149 r. The a.s.taka ends on f.157 v. there follow some khilakas and pratîkakhilakas. 8.6 x 3.4. 7 lines. UP 1. (AD 1653)(Veda: .Rgveda)
00020075 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 2. ff.1--48, 52--88. Composite (hand changes on f.9, again on f.53, and on r. of f.55). 9.6 x 4.25. 11--12 lines. Accented. UP 2.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00030076 .Rgveda. Padapâtha A.s.taka 5. 22ff. 9.5x4.25. 13--19 lines. UP 3.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00040077 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 1; ff.1--12, 20--28 (text continuous except for slight repetition where the composite nature of the manuscript causes overlapping), 2--53 (text contiunous). 9x4.25. 11 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 2; 66 ff. 8.4x4.1. 10--11 lines. Sa.m. 1874 (AD 1817). Accented. A.s.taka 3; ff.1a (unidentified fragment, not belonging to this text), 1b--37. 9.6x4.25. 9--10 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 4; ff. 1--72, 78--83. Lacks end. 9.75x4.25. 7 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 5; 55 ff. 10.1x4.5. 11--13 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 5; 55 ff. 10.1x4.5. 11--13 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 6; 60ff. 8.4x4. 10 lines. Accented. A.s.taka 7; 51 ff. 9.65x4.2. 8-9 lines. Accented. A very composite manuscript. UP 4.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00050078 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 1. 103ff. 9.25x4.1. 9--10 lines. Accented. UP 5.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00060079 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 4. ff.13--71. Lacks beginning. 9.5x4.25. 10--12 lines. Sa.m 1871. Composite. Accented. UP 6.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00070080 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 6. 64 ff. 91./.25x4.1. 14 lines. Sa.m. 1899. Accented. UP 7.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00080081 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 3. 54 ff. Lacks end. 9.5x4. 6--8 lines. Accented.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00090082 .Rgveda. Padapâtha. A.s.taka 3. 20ff. Lacks end. 9.75x4.6. 8--12 lines. UP 9.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00100083.Rgveda. A.s.taka 7. 87ff. 9.75x4.1. 9--10 lines. Sam. 1744, Çaka 1609. Accented. UP 10.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00110084 .Rgveda, Padapâtha. A.s.taka 3. ff.1--11., 55--83. 9.4x4. 9--11 lines. Copied by Ga"ngârâma Bha.t.ta. Accented. UP 11(Veda: Rgveda)
00120371Sarvânukrama.nî. 37ff. 9.1x3.4. 9 lines. Composite. UP 12. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Anukrama.nî: Kâtyayana)
00130024.Rgveda. Râtrisûkta (RV X.127 + RV khila X.127a + RV VII.104.22.) 3ff. 6.1x3.5. 7 lines. Accented. UP 13.(Veda: Rgveda: Sûkta)
00140548[Ga.neçâtharvaçîr.sopani.sad.] Ga.neçâtharvaçî (Ga.napatyatharvaçîr.sopani.sad.) (Ga.napatyatharvaçî on natvie wrapper.) 5ff. 6.4x4. 7--8 lines. Sa.m. 1921, Çaka 1786. UP 14. (Veda: Upani.sad: Single Texts)
00160194 Âçvalâyanag.rhyasûtra. 37 ff. 7x3.6. 7--8 lines. Sa.m 1932 (AD 1875).(Veda: Sûtra)
00170203Pavanâbasaura, attributed to Âçvalâyana. 29 ff. 8.75x3.6. 11 lines. Sa.m 1752 (AD 1695). UP 17.(Veda: Sûtra)
00180182Âçvalâyanaçrautasûtra. ff. 16--97. Lacks beginning. 7.1x3.4. 7 lines. UP 18.(Veda: Sûtra)
00190194Âçvalâyanag.rhyasûtra. 39ff. 7.2x3.25. 7 lines. UP 19.(Veda: Sûtra)
00200183Âçvalâyanaçrautasûtra. 62ff. 7.4x3.25. 7 lines. word divisions marked. UP 20.(Veda: Sûtra)
00210340Nigha.n.tu. the 117ff. 7.25x3.25. 7 lines. UP 21 (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta: C. Yâska)
00220374Sarvânukrama.nikâ 47ff. 9.6x4.2. 9 lines. UP 22. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Anukrama.nî: Kâtyâyana: C. Jagannâtha )
00230263Agni.s.tome brâhma.nâccha.msîprayoga. Duties of the assistant to the Brâhman performing the agni.s.toma sacrifice. 14ff. 8.6x4.25. 9 lines. 10.413. UP 23.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00240336Nigha.n.tu. Padapâ.tha. 21ff. 7.25x3.75. 7 lines. UP 24. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta)
00250140Taittirîyabrâ A.s.taka 2. 65ff. 11.4x5.1. 7 lines. Accented. UP 25.(Veda: Brâ
00260141Taittirîyabrâ A.s.taka 1. 100ff. 6.5x4.25. 10-13 lines. Accented. UP 26.(Veda: Brâ
00270341Nigha.n.tu. Pû; 58ff.; 68ff. 81.x4.75. 14--17 lines. Sa.m. 1857. Verses accented. UP 27. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta: C. Yaska)
00280388Cara.navyûha 4ff. 8.25x5.1. 15 lines. UP 28. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Anukrama.nî: Kâtyâyana)
00290196Âçvalâyanag.rhyasûtra. 39ff. 9.75x4.25. 8--10 lines. UP 29.(Veda: Sûtra)
00310406Nivdâdhyâya. 6ff. 7.4x3.25. 7 lines. S.mvat 1770, Çaka 1635. UP 31. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00330120Kuntâpâdhyâya. 8 ff. 7.4x3.25. 7 lines. Çaka 1635 (AD 1713)(Veda: Atharvaveda: Supplementary Texts)
00340342Nigha.n.tu. the pû 86ff. 9.5x4.1. 8 lines. UP 34. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta: C. Yaska)
00350008.Rgveda, A.s.taka 3. 77 ff. 9.1x4.75. 9 lines. Copied by Ugracandaka. UP 35.(Veda: Rgveda)
0037019736ff. 9x3.5. 7 lines. UP 37.(Veda: Sûtra)
00380332Nigha.n.tu. 19ff. 9.1x4.5. 7--11 lines. Sa.m. 1872, Çaka 1735 (si). UP 38. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta)
00410014.Rgvedapadapâ.tha. A.s.taka 1; 91ff. A.s.taka 2; ff.1--5 (adh.1), ff.1--13 (adh.2), ff.1--12 (adh.3), ff.1--12 (adh.4), ff.1--13 (adh.5), ff.1--13 (adh.6), ff.1--12 (adh.7), ff.1--12 (adh.8). A.s.taka 3; 136ff. A.s.taka 4; 152ff. A.s.taka 5; 99ff. A.s.taka 6; 105ff. A.s.taka 7; 100ff. A.s.taka 8; 109 ff. 8.4/9.25x3.75/4.25. Accented. UP 41.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00420130Aitareyabrâ Pañcikâs 1--8: ff.1--34, 1--43, 1--44, 1--34, 1--42, 1--37. 7.1x3.25. 7 lines. Sa.m 1848. Copied by a Brâhman with the upanâma of Râmaprasâdatrignu.nâyita. Word divisions marked. UP 42.(Veda: Brâ
00430343Nigha.n.tu. The Pû 10ff. 7.25x3.25. 7 lines. UP 43. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta: C. Yaska)
00440154A Brâ Probably spurious and very late. 23ff. 9.75x4.25. 13 lines. Sa.m 1772 (AD 1715). UP 44.(Veda: Brâ
00450344Nigha.n.tu. ff.2--107. Lacks beginning and end. 9.75x3.6. 7 lines. UP 45. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta: C. Yaska)
00460071Taittirîyasa.mhitâ. A.s.taka 3. 63ff. Lacks end. 8.5x3.5. 6 lines. UP 46(Veda: Yajurveda)
00470418rudripâ.thakrama. ff.12--13r. 9.75x4.1. 9 lines. (Part of) UP 47. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00470422Çatarudrîya. ff.1--10r. 9.75x4.1. 9 lines. (Part of) UP 47. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00470423Çântipâ.thamantrâ.h. ff.10--12r. 9.75x4.1. 9 lines. (Part of) UP 47. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00480009.Rgveda. A.s.taka 8 ff.1--155v. 9 x 4.25. 6 lines. Sa.m. 1768 (AD 1711). Copied by Sadânandajina. Accented. (Part of)UP 48.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00480125[Mahânâmnî] Mahânâmnya.h. ff.155v, line 3--158. 9x4.25. 6 lines. Sa.m 1768. Copied by Sadânandajina. Accented. (Part of UP 48.)(Veda: Ritual)
00490064Pavamânapa~`ncasûkta. f.2--41. Lacks beginning. 8.5x4.1. 9 lines. Accented. UP 49.(Veda: Sâmaveda: Supplementary Texts)
00500184Âçvalâyanaçrautasûtra. ff.1--92, 1-58. 8.6/.75x3.75/4. 9--10 lines. UP 50.(Veda: Sûtra)
00510276Utsarjanopâkarmaprârambha. ff.1--21, 23--45r. 3.4x4.1. 9--10 lines. Çaka 1702 (AD 1780). Copied by Tuka Bha.t.ta, son of gofinca Bha.t.ta. Verses accented. Word divisions marked. UP 51.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00520262Agni.s.tomâdisaptasa.msthâ. A treatise similar to 257 (= UP 0068). 55ff. Lacks end. 8x3.4. 7 lines. UP 52.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
005400101716 1659 Bâhu Bha.t.ta, son of Dvârakâ Bha.t.ta(Rgveda)
00550015.Rgveda. A.s.taka 1; ff.3--73. Lacks beginning. A.s.taka 2; 69ff. A.s.taka 3; 63ff. Astaka 4; 40ff. Lacks end. 9.6x5.6. 10--13 lines. Çaka 758 (AD 1680). Copied by Nârâ Bha.t.ta. UP 55.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00560234BaudhâyanadarÇapûr.namâsaprayoga. 8ff. Lacks end, text breaking off at bottom of f.8r. 9x4. 9--11 lines. UP 56.(Veda: Sûtra: Commentary: Vâsudeva)
00570305*Brahmayajñaprayoga. A treatise on Vedic offering. 8ff. 6.1x3.25. 7 lines. Verses accented. UP 57. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00610066Pavanasûkta. 64ff. 5.75x4.1. 7-8 lines. UP 61.(Veda: Sâmaveda: Supplementary Texts)
00620202Âçvalâyanadarçapûr.namâsahautraprayoga. 4ff. 8.1x4.9. 16--18 lines. Çaka 1744 (AD 1822). UP 62.s(Veda: Sûtra)
00630191he pû ff.1--95, 1--21. Text continuous. 9.9x5.1. 11 lines. UP 63.(Veda: Sûtra: Âçvalâyanaçrautasûtra: commentary: Nârâ, son of Narasi"nha of the Gârgya family)
00640420*viyogaçântiprayoga. 2ff. 7.75x3.9. 11 lines. UP 64. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00650304 *Prâjâpatyavidhi. (Prâjâpatyâdik.rcchrapratyâmnâyâ.h at beginning of text.) 2ff. Lacks end. 9.9x4.1. 13--14 lines. UP 65. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00660053[Sa.,dhvâ .rgvedîyâ]. No title in MS. 3ff. 6.75x3.25. 10--11 lines. UP 66.(Veda: Rgveda: Ritual: Kâçinâtha?)
00670198Âçvalâyanag.rhyasûtra. 103ff. 9.9x5.2. 11 lines. Sa.mvat 1819 (AD 1762). UP 67. no(Veda: Sûtra)
00680257[Saptasomasa.msthâpaddhati]. Agni.s.tomasomasaptasa.msthâpaddhati. 47ff. 9.75x4.25. 9 lines. Sa.m 1873 (AD 1816). Copied by Tilaka Ve"nka.teça at Banaras. There is a short passage following the text, called ak.sarâ.ni châditâni gânâni. 10.410 and 411. UP 68.(Veda: Late Ritual Text: Govardhana Dîk.sita)
00690286Darçapûr.namâsaprayoga. 58ff. 10x4.2. 7 lines. Sa.m. 1877, Çaka 1742. Copied by Bâ Accented. UP 69. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00700405Nividâdhyâya, which ends on f.3v., line 5; 7 lines of unidentified material follow. 3ff. 8.25x4. 11 lines. UP 70. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00720306*Brahmayajñaprârambha. Sacred texts for daily recitation. 2ff. 8x4.1. 9 lines. Accented in part. UP 72. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00730283*Câturmâsyahautra. 6ff. 7x3.25. 11 lines. UP 73. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00740210Yajñapârçvapariçi.s.ta. Pariçi.s.ta 15 of Kâtyâyana. 6ff. 9x3.9. 13 lines. UP 74.(Veda: Sûtra)
00750265Agni.s.tomamaitrâvaru.naprayoga. 20ff. 9.1x4.25. 9 lines. Sa.m 1857 Çaka 1722 (AD 1800). Copied by Çivarâma Bha.t.takedâra. 10.421. UP 75.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00760268Âgnîdharaprayoga. (Darçapû..namâsâgnîdhara according to f.1r.) 9ff. 7.9x4.1. 9 lines. See Auf[recht] 1.39. UP 76.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00770291iti Darçapûr.namâsau brahmatvaprayoga. 4ff. 7.9x4.1. 9 lines. Verses accented. UP 77. (Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00780421*Çântipa.tha., according to f.1r and f.20v. Râtrivarga in colophon. 20ff. 6.25x4. 8 lines. Çaka 1751. Accented. UP 78. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00790550Ga.neçâtharvaçîr.sopani.sad. 2ff. 5.9x4. 15 lines. UP 79 (part 2). (Veda: Upani.sad: Single Texts)
00800278Grahyajña. 18ff. 7x3.9. 7 lines. UP 80.(Veda: Late Ritual Texts)
00810011.Rgveda A.s.taka 1; ff.1--19, 21a, 21b-32, 72--103, 105--119. A.s.taka 2; ff.87--123; Sa.m 1725 (AD 1668). A.s.taka 4; ff.1--54, 58--121; Sa.m. 1723 (AD 1666). A.s.taka 5; ff.1--91, 95--119. A.s.taka 6; 120ff. A.s.taka 7; 109ff. A.s.taka 8; ff.1--55, 58--68, 71. 9x4. 7 lines. Accentedd. UP 81.(Veda: .Rgveda)
00830012.Rgveda A.s.taka 3, adh. 4--beginnning of 5. 67 ff. 9.5x4.25. 7 lines(Veda: .Rgveda)
00840333Nigha.n.tu. the Pû, adhyâya1--beginning of 5. 43ff. 8.75x4.5. 9 lines. Verses accented. UP 84. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Nirukta)
00850131Aitareyabrâ Pañcikâ 1. 19ff. 9.25x4.1. 10 lines. Copied by Janârdana. Word divisions marked. UP 85.(Veda: Brâ
00860121Kuntâpâdhyâya. 8ff. 8.6x4.1. 11 lines. UP 86.(Veda: Atharvaveda: Supplementary Texts)
00890474Aitareyopani.sad. (Bahv.rcopani.sad.) (Â 6ff. 9x4. 7 lines. Word divisions marked. UP 89. (Veda: Upani.sad: Anubhâvasâropani.sad: Sâya.nâcârya or Vidyâra.nya (ie Mâdhavâcârya))
00900402*Navagrahanyâsa. 6ff. 8.75x4. 7 lines. UP 90. (Veda: Vedâ"nga: Miscellaneoug)
00910028.Rgveda. Vi.s.nusûkta. 10ff. 5.1x3.6. 8 lines. Copied by Ke.sava Bha.t.ta. Acdented. UP 91.(Veda: Rgveda: Sukta)
00920017>Rgveda. Indrasûkta. 4ff. 9x4.6. 6 lines. Sa.m. 1901. Çaka 1766 (AD 1844). Word divisions marked. UP 92.(Veda: Rgveda: Sûkta)
00930031.Rgveda. Sûryasûkta. A collection of .Rgvedic versses addressed to Sûrya, beginning with RV 1.50 and continuing with 1.115, 164.46--47, etc. 7 ff. 6.5x4. 7--11 lines. UP 93..(Veda: Rgveda: Sukta)
00940097Rudranyâsa. Mahânyâsa. 14ff. 8x3.75. 9 lines. Copied by Somabha.t.tamorava.nîkaravâgha. UP 94.(Veda: Yajurveda: Taittirîyasa.mhitâ: Supplementary Text: Commentary)
00950023.Rgveda. Manyusûkta. 3ff. 5.9x3.9. 6 lines. UP 95.(Veda: Rgveda: Sukta)
0099021.Rgvedâ. Puru.sasûkta. 4 ff. 5.6x3.25. 5 lines. Accented. UP 99.(Veda: Rgveda: Sûkta)
01000549[Ga.neçâtharvaçîr.sopani.sad.] ga.napatyatharvaçî 2ff. 6.1x3.74. 15 lines. Copied by Cintâ UP 100. (Veda: Upani.sad: Single Texts)