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Jerry Wasserman Collection of Jewish American Sound Recordings

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  • Description
  • The Jerry Wasserman Collection of Jewish American Sound Recordings contains 297 sound recordings—mostly LPs—of traditional Jewish and Jewish American humor and music in a variety of folk and popular styles. The collection was donated to the University of Pennsylvania for use in research and teaching.

  • Contents
  • The contents of the collection are accessible through a Microsoft Excel finding aid that lists the album title, performer, label name, label number, and box number (1 through 8). By default, the spreadsheet is sorted by artist, but by using Excel's "Sort" function (under "Data") the contents of the collection may be arranged by year, record company, or tape number. Individual titles may be located by using Excel's "Find" function (under "Edit").

  • Submitting requests
  • To request a recording for listening, please fill out the request form. Before filling out the form, make sure you have determined the appropriate "box number" for your selection (found in column "J" of the finding aid).

  • Use of recordings
  • Because of the unique nature of the collection, these recordings are available for listening only in the Ormandy Center. Duplication of the sound recordings is not permitted.