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Computing in the Biomedical Library

The Biomedical Library has nearly 60 public computers which connect you to the Internet and Penn's Digital Library. You may also use your own laptops to access either our wireless network or our hard-wired ethernet ports. More information about these options is available below:

Public Computing

Most public computers are located on the ground floor of the Library in the Garfield Micro-Computer Center (MCC). The MCC houses thirty-three Windows workstations. All workstations are equipped with Microsoft Office, Open Office, Endnote, Adobe Design Premium 6 (including Photoshop and Adobe X Pro), and statistical and analysis applications including NVivo 10, Matlab R2012a, SAS 9.3, R 2.15.1, SPSSS 20 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.1. Adjacent to the MCC, there are twelve Windows 2000 work-stations reserved for research purposes. There are six additional iMac look-up stations located in the stacks, and two work-stations in the Clinical Reading Room.

Earphones are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk to use with educational and certification programs.

Printing in Public Labs

The library uses UniPrint pay-for-printing. To make use of the service, print as you would normally print from your home or office computer, give your job a name, and retrieve your print jobs from one of the two print stations. You will be able to swipe your PennCard/PennCash card, and then will be prompted to find your job by name and work station. Black and white printing costs $.07/page. Duplex and Color printing are also available. Duplex printing costs $ .10 per page for double side black and white pages using the duplex printers. Color printing is available at the scanning station and costs $0.28/page. Departmental users may use departmental photocopy cards, a specialized type of PennCash card.


A number of Laptops are available on loan from the Circulation Desk, for use within the Biomedical Library. If you have a PennKey, you can use the laptops on the Library's Wireless Network. If you do not have a Pennkey, please see the Pennkey Website for PennKey registration instructions.

Wireless Networking

To use the wireless network, your laptop must have a wireless card. You must also have a PennKey. If you do not have a Pennkey, please see the Pennkey Website for PennKey registration instructions.

Remote Access via Proxy Service: Penn faculty, students and staff who connect to the Library from off-campus can access restricted resources through the Library's Proxy Server .