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Computing in the Engineering Library

The Engineering Library provides the following public computing services:

Paid printing is available in most computing locations, using your PennCard or a Visitor's PennCash card. Costs are $.07 per page using the black and white printers. Go here for printing instructions.

A Look-Up station is available to all library users and provides Internet browsers and email clients. Restricted resources, such as proprietary databases and some electronic journals, require authorization.

Specialized Databases available at the Engineering Library include Cambridge Engineering Selector, SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts), Beilstein, and Gmelin.

Computer Workstations are available for use by the Penn Community and include eight Dell workstations equipped with CD-RW drives. Access to the library's web site, online catalog, electronic resources, Internet, e-mail, MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Photoshop, RefWorks, DrJava, Maple, MDL ISIS Draw, and NCBI-Cn3D is provided.

Wireless Laptops are available on loan from the Circulation Desk, for use within the Engineering Library for a 4 hour loan period. If you have a PennKey, you can use the laptops on the SEAS Wireless Network. If you do not have a Pennkey, please see the Pennkey Website for PennKey registration instructions. The laptops may also be used with an Ethernet cable and one of the Library's Ethernet Plug-In Ports.

Wireless connectivity for laptops is available throughout the entire library (and Towne Building); in addition several data and power ports are available. Ethernet lines may be borrowed from the circulation desk.

Penn faculty, students, and staff who connect to the Library from off-campus can access restricted resources through the Library's Proxy Server. Directions for using Science and Engineering resources off-campus are also available.