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Printing in the Libraries

Printing Instructions


Laser printers are available for paid printing in most computing areas throughout the libraries. Printing is debited from your Penncash account directly on a per job basis at the time of printing. Non-Penn patrons, and Penn patrons if they prefer, may purchase a special Visitor PennCash Card to which they may add cash value.


The cost for black and white is $.07 per page for single-sided printing, and $.05 per page ($.10 per sheet) for double-sided printing.

Color printing is available in certain locations at a cost of $.28 a page, and $.20 per page ($.40 per sheet) for double-sided printing.

Poster printing services are available in the Weigle Information Commons of the VanPelt Library and by appointment in the Biomedical Library. Posters printed for academic use are charged at $.02/per square inch. Posters printed for personal use are charged $.02/per square inch plus 7% sales tax.

Types of Printing and Locations

Black & white
Color laser
Black & white duplex Color duplex Color poster
Van Pelt Library
yes yes yes   yes
Chemistry Library
yes yes yes    
Dental Library
Engineering Library
yes yes yes yes  
Fine Arts Library
yes yes      
Math/Physics/Astronomy Library
yes yes yes yes  
Museum Library
Veterinary Library (campus)
yes yes yes yes  

Please Note: Duplex printing in the Van Pelt Library is only available from specific printers in the Electronic Lookup Center near the Library entrance, in the Weigle Information Commons, and in the Lippincott Library. Look for signage identifying these printers.