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Public Printing Instructions

Printing Instructions

These instructions assume you are using a library workstation or have successfully installed printing software on your personal computer.

On the computer workstation:

- Select PRINT from the application (i.e. Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Word, etc.). This is usually accessible from the "File" menu or by typing "Ctrl"+P (Windows) or "Apple Key"+P (Mac) .

- In the print dialog box confirm the printer you want to use is selected (i.e. Library Black and White, Library Color) then make any necessary choices such as "Page number range," etc... 

- Click OK, or "Print" as appropriate to send your job.

- In the Print Job Details dialog box that appears, type a username to help locate your job in the print queue, a password that will be used to release your job, and a name for the job itself.

- Click the Print button or hit the "Enter" key.

- Go to the release station to print your job.

At the printing release station:

- Swipe your PENNcard or Penn Cash Card through the card reader to logon to the print system. The stripe should be away from you and the card should be swiped from left to right.

- Jobs are sorted by username. Locate the username you used when you sent the job. Select the specific job by the Job name you entered earlier.

- Click PRINT.

- You will be prompted to enter the password you chose when you sent the job.

- The job will print.

- It's a good idea to click the "logoff" button on the release station when you finish sending your jobs.