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Printing in the Libraries


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Printing from a Macintosh Computer

In order to print to Library printers you need to follow these steps:

1. Download the popup.dmg file here.
2. Find Popup.dmg and double-click on it to create a new disk image in Finder. This disk contains the PopUp installer, Popup.pkg.
3. Double-click the Popup.pkg installer to run it. You may be requested to authenticate yourself as an administrator.
4. Select a destination disk. You will only be able to select the startup disk.
5. Click Install (or Upgrade). The installer automatically installs the PopUp software.
Pharos PopUp will now be running on the computer and will be automatically launched every time a user logs in.

Configuring Printers

Once PopUp is installed you will need to add the library printers to your printer list. Please ignore the ReadMe.html instructions included with and follow the instructions below to complete your printer set up.
Open System Preferences and click on the Printers & Scanners icon.
1. To add a printer click the + button.
2. Right-click or hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click anywhere on the toolbar. From the popup menu that appears, select Customize Toolbar....
3. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar and then close the customization dialog.
4. Click on the Advanced button in the toolbar.
5. In the "Type:" field, select Pharos Print Server.

In the "URL" field, enter the URL, as shown below, for the printer you wish to install:

popup:// for Library Black and White

popup:// for Library Black and White Duplex

popup:// for Library Color

popup:// for Library Color Duplex

6. In the "Name" field, enter a name for the new printer queue. This is the name that will show on your computer.
7. Leave the "Location" field blank.
8. In the "Use" field, Choose a Driver, we recommend that you select, Generic PostScript Printer it will work in most cases.
9. Click "Add." The new Popup queue will now show up in the list of printers.
10. Close System Preferences.
To print to the new queue, select it from the printer popup button in the print dialog of any application.

When complete, you're ready to start sending jobs to the printers.