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Proper Test Procedures in Blackboard 9.1

  • Close all other tabs/windows and programs when taking the test.

  • Use a supported browser and operating system.

  • Save your answers as you proceed through the test by clicking on the "Save Answer" button beside each. This will prevent the loss of any of your answers in the event of a technical malfunction.

  • As you proceed through the test, the "Test/Survey Status" tool will indicate which answers have been saved by graying them out.

  • Do not click on photos in the exam, they will not enlarge. Blackboard will interpret this as an attempt to navigate away from the test and you may lose unsaved work or accidentally submit your exam.

  • When finished be sure to click on the link for "Save and Submit" and not "Save all Answers" since only "Save and Submit" both saves your answers and properly completes the exam.

  • If when you click “Save and Submit” Blackboard prompts you that some answers may be incomplete, click “Cancel” and check the indicated questions to be certain you entered an answer. Click “Save Answer” beside them to be sure that your answer is saved.


If you experience any problems taking or administering a Blackboard test, please contact us through our support form for further assistance.