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Blackboard Browsers and Plug-ins


Blackboard only operates properly with certain browsers and operating systems. For a list of compatible browsers and operating systems, please see the matrix of supported Internet browsers for the Blackboard 9.1 application.

To download or upgrade your browser to a compatible version, please use the links below.

  Mac PC
Firefox 3.6.x
Firefox (latest stable release)
Google Chrome
Safari Run Software Update* or Not supported by Blackboard
Internet Explorer N/A

Content Tools

Some content in Blackboard requires additional programs or plug-ins to view. Use the following links to download the most recent version of these tools.

  Mac PC
Java Run Software Update
Adobe Reader
QuickTime Run Software Update*
Flip4Mac N/A

* Running Software Update: To run Software Update, click on the Apple menu > Software Update ... > Check for Updates.