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Beginning in Spring 2013, the Penn Libraries has licensed iThenticate, plagiarism-checking software for instructors, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates engaged in high-level research at the University of Pennsylvania. This tool checks for plagiarism against scholarly databasesas well as the Internet.

iThenticate's End License User Agreement (EULA)

Users of  iThenticate should be aware that the product is subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA). This agreement takes the form of a “pop-up” window. You must click “I agree” in order to proceed and use the product. We want you to be informed about the agreement and what it entails and therefore very strongly encourage you to read the entire EULA, as it details your rights and responsibilities as a user of iThenticate. Please note that the EULA is an agreement directly between the user and iParadigms, the company which licenses iThenticate, and does not involve the Libraries or the University. The Libraries have a separate licensing agreement that allows us to install and use the product.

iThenticate Guidelines

  • Only materials produced by University of Pennsylvania instructors, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates engaged in high level research intended for publishing may be processed through iThenticate. Materials produced by users outside of this group including applicants for admission to any University of Pennsylvania program or school may not be submitted through iThenticate. Materials produced by undergraduate students in registered University courses should be processed via Turnitin.

Getting Access to iThenticate

To request access to iThenticate, please contact the Courseware Support Team at

Using iThenticate

Go to and login with your Penn email address and the password provided in your account notification email. Please remember to change your password after logging in for the first time.

After logging in, go the My Documents area and click on the tab for Settings.

In this area you can select to exlcude items in quote, bibliographic items, phrases and also exclud content based on a percentage or word count under "match size. Additionally you can select the resources to run your documents against under "Limit search to these repositories." CrossCheck is a repository of scholarly publishing material provided by many commerical vendors. Once you have chosen your desired settings click Update Settings.

To run a paper through iThenticate, go to the Folders tab and under My Documents tab select "submit a document"

Provide the document with a title and a Last and First name for the document author.

Click Browse to locate your document.  Acceptable file types include: Word, Word XML, Text, PostScript, PDF, HTML, WordPerfect WPD, & RTF.

Click Add Another File if you wish to run more than one paper.

When finished click Submit.

The originality report may take a few minutes to generate. When it is complete, click on the % matching to view the report. Any matches will be highlighted in the document with links on the right to the corresponding content.

For help or additional information, please contact the Courseware Support Team at