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Initial Consultation Questionnaire

If you have a project in mind that we can help with, consider the following questions and provide us with a short description.
  1. Project Description
    1. Provide a brief description of your intended project (˜150 words).
    2. Identify the principal investigator and main collaborators; include institutional affiliations and specialties.
    3. Who will benefit from this project and how?
    4. What do you see as the key functionality of this project (e.g., searchable database, interactive maps, textual analysis, etc.)? If possible, cite other projects which have similar capabilities that you would like to emulate?
    5. Is this project related to any other projects or collections at Penn or elsewhere?
  2. Project Development
    1. When do you plan to start working on this project? Are there deadlines or other target dates for completion?
    2. Do you have any preferences for specific technologies or protocols that can be used to develop or deliver this project?
  3. Materials in the project
    1. What kinds of material (images, audio/video recordings, text documents, etc.) will be included in the project?
    2. What are the sources of these materials?
    3. Are there any restrictions (e.g., copyright, subscription fees, passwords, etc.) that affect use of these materials?
    4. Are you aware of any standards for describing or organizing these materials in your field?
  4. Resources (funding, people, equipment, expertise)
    1. What resources do you already have available to support the project?
    2. What resources or support are you looking to acquire?
    3. What resources may be required to sustain this project over time?