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Hebraica Veritas?

An Exhibition from the Collection of The Center for Judaic Studies Library

Contributors to the Exhibit:

Piet van Boxel, Leo Baeck College, King's College/CAJS 2000.
Stephen Burnett, University of Nebraska/CAJS 2000.
Allison Coudert, Arizona State University/CAJS 2000.
Yaakov Deutsch, Hebrew University/CAJS 2000.
Harvey Goldberg, Hebrew University/CAJS 2000.
Chanita Goodblatt, Ben Gurion University/CAJS 2000.
Chaim (Harvey) Hames, Ben Gurion University/CAJS 2000.
Michael Heyd, Hebrew University/CAJS 2000.
Seth Jerchower, University of Pennsylvania.
Jonathan Karp, State University of New York, Binghamton/CAJS 2000.
Fabrizio Lelli, Theological Faculty of Central Italy/CAJS 2000.
Ora Limor, Open University/CAJS 2000.
Nils Roemer, University of Southampton, England/CAJS 2000.
Jason Rosenblatt, Georgetown University /CAJS 2000.
Adam Shear, University of Pennsylvania /CAJS 2000.
Jeffrey S. Shoulson, University of Miami/CAJS 2000.
Guy Stroumsa, Hebrew University/CAJS 2000.
Adam Sutcliffe, University of Illinois, Urbana/CAJS 2000.
Joanna Weinberg, Leo Baeck College, Oxford University/CAJS 2000.
Israel Yuval, Hebrew University/CAJS 2000.

Special thanks to Etty Lassman for her assistance and expertise in producing the images for this exhibit, and to Arthur Kiron for his assistance in its organization.

Exhibition Itinerary