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Tradition and Its Discontents

Jewish History and Culture in Eastern Europe

An Online Exhibition from the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies 2002-2003 Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania

El Lissitzky.
Andersens Mayselakh, by Hans Christian Andersen,
Yiddish translation by Der Nister.
Varshe : Kultur lige, 1919.

Cover design for Yiddish translation of Andersens tales

Lissitzky's cover design for Der Nister's Yiddish translation of Hans Christian Andersens tales.

Yingl tsingl khvat

Illustration from page 1 of the children's book Yingl tsingl khvat, by Mani Leib. Varshe : Kultur lige, 1918.
(Scan Courtesy of Etty Lasmann)

Translation of the Yiddish text:

"I have a story here to tell
To all my children - you as well.
Hush my children, be very still -
Hear my story if you will."

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