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Piaroa Man

Piaroa Man Gutting Fish, Autana River, Amazonas State, Venezula (Jennifer Freeman, January 2000)

Photographs from the field:

Ethnographic photography by University of Pennsylvania Anthropology Graduate Students

A continuing series of photographs taken by graduate students during their fieldwork. Exhibit is on the second floor wall, at the head of the stairs in the Museum Library.

The exhibit is now complete! Thirty-four ethnographic photographs by University of Pennsylvania graduate students are on display on the second floor of the University Museum Library.

The photographs, with a diversity of subject matter and different aesthetic emphases, help display the panorama of world cultures.

Photos are from Benin, Boliva, Fiji, Greece, India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, USA, and Venezuela.