Coming to the Small Screen: Ormandy on Television
Ormandy on TV The tastykake christmas hour
Ormandy and Others View from the right balcony Home Viewers Home Viewers Home Viewers Home Viewers
First Televised Concert, 1948
Eugene Ormandy,George Howard (director of the Singing Sergeants), and Others
Photograph by Edgar S. BrinkerB B B 15 December 1955

An essential step in the production of any Philadelphia Orchestra broadcast was securing a sponsor. In 1955, the Tasty Baking Company, a Philadelphia manufacturer of snack-sized desserts, underwrote the Philadelphia Orchestra's annual Christmas show, which was broadcast live from the Academy of Music on Philadelphia's American Broadcasting Company (ABC) affiliate, WFIL-TV. The show featured Christmas carols sung by the United States Air Force Singing Sergeants and excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and Nutcracker danced by members of the New York City Ballet.