Pictures of Benjamin Franklin

taken from various sources

1. painted by Charles Wilson Peale in 1785, here in Philadelphia, shortly after Franklin's return from completing peace negotiations in England. Original at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. 2. 3. 4. (images 5-15 and accompanying information taken from SCETI website) 5. Engraving. Signature: Edwin SC. Caption: Benjamin Franklin Born Jan. 17th 1706 Died April 17th 1790. 6. Engraving. Captions: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Ne a Boston, dans la nouvelle Angleterre le 17. Janvier 1706 Benjamin Franklin From a Portrait by C. N. Cochin, engraved by Aug. de St. Aubin 7.Caption: FRANKLIN Disegnato ed inciso da M. Pekenino in America 1822. Sopra la Miniatura di Janinet. Signature: Pub. by the Engraver, Philad. 151 Pine St. 8. Signatures: C. W. Peale Pinx. / D. Edwin. SC. Caption: Dr. Franklin Aged 84. 9. Caption: FRANKLIN Signature: C.S. Williams, New Haven Ct. 10. Signatures: D. Martin Pinx. / C Gobrecht. sculp. Caption: Benjamin Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. 11. Signature: W. R. Jones Sc. Caption: BENJ. FRANKLIN, L.L.D. 12. Caption: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, L.L.D. Signature: Publish'd April 1, 1806; by Longman, Rees, Hurst, & Orme, Paternoster Row. 13. Caption: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN L.L.D. Signature: Engraved by C Goodman & R Piggot from an original painting by Martin for the Analectic Magazine Published by M Thomas 1818. 14. Caption: B. FRANKLIN Signatures: Janinet p. / Pekenino sc. New York Published by R. & W.A. Bartow, 1822. 15. 16. by Phila. City Hall (i think.) 17. from a Univ. of Penn. publication, the Annuary, 1897. 18. 19. 20. 21. Ben on the Bench. Sculpture at 37th and Locust., Philadelphia. 22. from the old $100 bill. 23. from the new $100 bill. 24. Franklin Field Illustrated November 22, 1956, pg. 7. artist unknown. 25. 1777, by Jean-Baptiste Greuze. 26. early 19th century, after Joseph-Siffrède Duplessis. 27. 1775, by J.F. De L'Hopital.

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