The University of Pennsylvania
and the RMS Titanic

John Borland Thayer (C'1882 ) and his son, John Borland Thayer, Jr. (C'1916) both attended the University of Pennsylvania.

John Senior was the Second Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and died during the sinking of the ship.

Jack Thayer survived the sinking, and went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania later that same year. His senior yearbook entry reads:

"Jack" "D. J." "Hic"

Haverford, Pa.
Phi Kappa Beta Junior Society; Sphinx Senior Society; Soccer Team (1)(3)(4); Cricket Team (1)(3)(4), Manager (4); Assistant Manager Crew (3), Manager (4); Advisory Editor "Pennsylvanian" (4); Banquet Committee (1); Sophomore Dance Committee; Junior Ball Committee; Managers' Committee (4); Chairman, Dartmouth Trip Committee (4); Allied Sports Committee (3)(4); Ivy Ball Committee; Undergraduate Member, University Committee on Athletics (4); Director, Athletic Association (3)(4); Varsity Club (3)(4); Crew Committee (4); Military Committee(4).

John graduated in 1916 and had a successful banking career, later returning to the University to serve as its treasurer, and later as its Financial Vice-President. Jack Thayer killed himself in 1945 after his son died during WWII.


Other passengers with connections to Penn

Thanks to J. M. Duffin, Technical Services Archivist at the University of Pennsylvania Archives!!

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