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HOUSEHOLD WORDS: Women Write from and for the Kitchen

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Minnesota Heritage Cookbook: Hand-Me-Down Recipes for the Benefit of the American Cancer Society, Minneapolis Division, Inc.
edited by Sue Zelickson
Minneapolis: The Division, c1850


The book marks a culmination of effort to achieve recognition for women's work and knowledge. At the 1893 Columbian Exhibition a building was constructed and devoted to women's domain; the enterprise led to the development of a Woman's Congress and the National Household Economic Association.

Compiled by a committee to benefit the Minnesota Division of the American Cancer Society using "hand-me-down recipes," the book uses the symbols of women's culture--the image of the patchwork quilt and leftover scraps of fabric--to represent women's legacy and craft tradition. Many of the charity cookbooks explicitly use nostalgic themes to appeal to the public. It is also a composite of the region's cookery, known for its ethnic diversity.

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