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HOUSEHOLD WORDS: Women Write from and for the Kitchen

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The Delights for Ladys to adorne there Persons, Beautyes, Stillyris, Banquits, Perfumes, Waters
by Mabella Powell
Manuscript cookbook, England, 1655


A rejected suitor, Joseph Lovett, wrote, or had scribed, this slender volume which he later gave to his lady, Mabella Powell, replete with recipes and a love poem, that serves as an inscription:
a presumption to disstorb yr attractive Eloquence to admit it a loging in yr studdy, but since my indevors cannot lite such delights as my deserve your essteeme, be plesd but to forgive my fall, & I shall acknoligg the happinis two great to him that prayes for your Eternall filycities and remanes Mrs.

The hum(bl)ist of all yr exskommunicated

For Ever Jose: Lovett

Several recipes are in another hand, in pencil, later rewritten on another page in ink. Other instances of recipes on loose sheets, in letters, or scraps of paper written into a cookbook in the compiler's own hand are found in the Aresty Collection.

What is compelling about this book is that the title page is copied from the most popular cookbook of the time, Sir Hugh Platt's Delights for Ladies. However, the recipes themselves stem from another or several other sources.

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