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HOUSEHOLD WORDS: Women Write from and for the Kitchen

Illustration from Rochester Hadassah Cook Book
from Rochester Hadassah Cook Book, 2nd ed.
Rochester, N.Y.: Rochester Chapter of Hadassah, 1975

A work created by several hands, its purpose is to benefit Hadassah, an organization of Jewish women whose social programs aid Israel and the U.S. The book contains a range of recipes considered "Jewish"--from those that follow the laws of kashrut to traditional dishes such as "Carrot Tzimmes" or "Shale's Stuffed Derma." Recipes for so-called standard American fare are also supplied.

Many of the charitable cookbooks utilized cultural and "ethnic" themes to raise funds for their projects and in so doing revitalized and reinvented tradition. Earlier in the century, these household books, guided women in the creation of new forms of culture.

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