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HOUSEHOLD WORDS: Women Write from and for the Kitchen

Advertisement from American Cookery Magazine
from American Cookery
formerly The Boston Cooking School Magazine
of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics

Boston: 1932

American Cookery emerged from the Boston Cooking School Magazine which began in 1896 and continued to publish well into the twentieth century. Many of the principals and teachers of the Boston Cooking School were advocates of domestic science and its promise to liberate women from household drudgery. Several of them became spokespersons for the products which they believed would help to accomplish this goal. The magazines are replete with stories, decorating suggestions, recipes, and above all, advertisements. The images frequently contrast the modern homemaker with the "old-fashioned" housewife of the previous era, suggesting a new role for and image of American womanhood. The magazine promoted domestic science both for its usefulness to the homemaker and also for new employment opportunities for women.

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