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Jérôme Lalemant,
Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable és missions des pères de la Compagnie de Jesus, en la Nouvelle France. . . en l'année 1647.

Paris: Sebastien Cramoisy, 1648.

Jogues, a Jesuit missionary in New France, was captured by the Iroquois and died while in their custody. His death was described in thorough detail by the Jesuit Relation printed in 1648 and commented upon repeatedly in subsequent accounts. Jogues's suffering and his death only rendered him a more perfect Christian martyr in the eyes of French Catholic readers. Iroquois motives, however, remain obscure. Jogues may have been singled out for particularly harsh treatment because of Iroquois anger at diseases spreading from village to village; or he may simply have been a victim of the rigorous adoption rituals Iroquois compelled their captives to undergo.

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