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CULTURAL READINGS: Colonization & Print in the Americas

Jay I. Kislak Foundation
Juan de Tovar,
Historia de los indios mexicanos.
The Tovar Calendar.

Manuscript in Spanish.

Spain and England, 1830-60.

16th century Spanish contemporaries knew Tovar, a Jesuit, as the Mexican Cicero. His eloquence, his prowess in mastering indigenous languages, and his industry were renowned. When the Spanish Vice Regent asked him to write an account of the ancient Mexicans for the court in Spain, Tovar was happy to oblige. The manuscript of his substantial history does not survive, but an abstract of it does, along with a Mexican calendar executed by Aztec artists. That abstract and the calendar, once the property of the collector Sir Thomas Phillipps, are now in the John Carter Brown Library. This copy was "transcribed by Elizth. Lady Phillipps 1860 from the unique original in the library of Sir Thos Phillipps, Bart. at Middle Hill 1862."

Other illustrations from this manuscript
Tovar Tovar Tovar

Print and Native Cultures

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