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Jean and Jay I. Kislak Collection
Richard Hakluyt,
The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation...

London: George Bishop and Ralph Newberie, 1589.

A scholar and geographer, Richard Hakluyt undertook to compile extant narratives in The Principall Navigations and make them available for an English-speaking audience. In his effort to create a tradition of British colonialism in America to uphold, he purported that one "Madoc the sonne of Owen Gwyneth Prince of North-wales" had "discovered" America in 1170. This massive compilation of voyage narratives was both a dense homage to English genius and a gallery of examples, both English and foreign, that would move the English to redouble their quest for empire.

Hakluyt was also the translator of Virginia Richly Valued.

Promotion and Possession

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