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Another of Boccaccio's literary works, De claris mulieribus (written between 1360 and 1374) offers, in Latin, biographies of famous women. Here they have been translated into German by Heinrich Steinhöwel (1412-1482?) -- indicative of their already completely canonical status -- and printed by Johannes Zainer (d. 1541?) in Ulm. The illustrations in this copy have been hand-colored at an early date, one more signifier of the importance this text carries. The text continues to be read; a new translation into English, for instance, has appeared in the present century.
Giovanni Boccaccio, 1313-1375. Hie nach volget der kurcz sin von etlichen frowen / von denen johannes boccacius in latin beschriben hat, vnd doctor hainricus stainhöwel getütschet [i.e., De claris mulieribus in German]. Zu Vlm: Von Iohanne zainer . . . , [not before 15 August 1473]. Inc B-720.