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Like Horace and Ovid, Virgil had a vast and enduring influence on European letters in the early modern period. The object of increasing scholarly interest -- for his text was by no means stable -- he attracted the attention of Joseph Juste Scaliger (1540-1609). A French-born scholar, Scaliger -- a convert to Protestantism -- eventually found a place at the University of Leiden. There his linguistic skills and scholarship made him the glory of seventeenth-century philology. Christopher Plantin published this edition of Virgil, edited by Scaliger, in Antwerp.
Virgil, 70-19 B.C.E. P. Virgilius Maro, et in eum commentationes, & paralipomena Germani Valentis Guellii, pp.: eiusdem Virgilij appendix, cum Josephi Scaligeri commentariis & castigationibus. Antuerpiae: Ex officina Christophori Plantini, architypographi regii, 1575. Folio PA6801.A2.1575.