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Day Book of Music Transactions

Joseph J. Mickley, 1799-1878
Day Book
Manuscript, 1840-1848
Ms. Coll. 388

Joseph J. Mickley maintained an active career in Philadelphia as a piano builder, tuner, and teacher; he also repaired stringed instruments and sold accessories. His customers included some of Philadelphia's musical and social elite, among them Charles Hupfeld, Benjamin Cross, William Fry, R. La Roche, the Biddles, and the Wetherills.

His day book includes a record of his accounts from January 1840 through May 1848. Detailed are his services and the fees paid by his customers (who lived as far away as Wilmington, Delaware) for piano lessons and tuning and for the sale of instrument-related items, including bows, rosin, and strings.

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