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Paul Dresser, 1856-1906

Paul Dresser, the brother of the novelist Theodore Dreiser, published about 50 songs, most of which were sentimental ballads. He is best known for On the Banks of the Wabash (the Indiana State Song), first published in 1897, and My Gal Sal (1905). Dresser served as a staff composer for Willis Woodward Co. before helping to found the George T. Worth Co. in 1894. He opened his own publishing firm in 1901, Howley, Haviland, & Dresser, which was subsequently the principal publisher of his songs.

Paul Dresser, 1856-1906
On the Banks of the Wabash
New York: Richmond-Robbins, 1922
In: Theodore Dreiser Papers
Ms. Coll. 30, Box 410
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Paul Dresser, 1856-1906
Would I Were a Child Again
Autograph Manuscript, 1905
In: Theodore Dreiser Papers
Ms. Coll. 30, Box 440, Folder 13925

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