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The Psalmes of David

Giles Farnaby, ca. 1565-1640
The psalmes of David: to fower parts, for viols and voyce: The first booke doricke mottoes, the second divine canzonets: with a prelud, before the psalmes, cromaticke
Autograph Manuscript, ca. 1625
Ms. Codex 15

A joiner by training, the English composer Giles Farnaby received his musical education at Oxford, where he earned his BMus in July 1592. Among his surviving compositions are 54 works for keyboard, 20 four-voice canzonets, 9 psalms, issued in 1592 as part of Thomas East's Whole Booke of Psalmes, and the cantus part of his Psalmes of David, a collection of psalm harmonizations, which were composed sometime between 1625 and the year of his death.

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