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American Musicological Society Records

The Records of the American Musicological Society have resided at the Penn Library since 1992. The collection includes administrative records, correspondence, meeting minutes, and publications that document the Society's activities from its founding in 1934 to the present, and so reflect methodological shifts in musicological scholarship and academic training through the course of the 20th century.

H. J. W. Tillyard, 1881-1968
Typed letter signed to Gustave Reese
20 October 1940
In: American Musicological Society Records
Ms. Coll. 221, Folder 572

In this letter, the British musicologist H.J.W. Tillyard writes to Gustave Reese (in his capacity as Secretary of the American Musicological Society), seeking assistance in the form of a University appointment for the composer and musicologist, Egon Wellesz. Wellesz had been living in Oxford since the 1938 annexation of his native Austria by the Nazis. An appointment in the United States would not be forthcoming, and Wellesz remained in England.

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