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Hidden in Plain Sight:
Musical Treasures in the Penn Library

Curated by Marjorie Hassen

Otto E. Albrecht Music Library
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Manuscript Collections: Institutions

The archives of an organization or cultural center document institutional history by providing a record of activities, publications, finances, and the professional or social climate within which the organization operated. Hidden among these collections are numerous documents of great interest apart from that which inheres through their association with the institution. These may include manuscript and early-printed music, diaries, letters, photographs, and concert programs that provide insight into performance or publication history or elucidate a particular historical event. The items exhibited here--from the records of the American Musicological Society, the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the American Poetry Review, and the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia--offer a glimpse into the varied nature of the materials that are typically a part of institutional collections, as well as suggest the treasures that lie within.

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Manuscript Collections:
Sheet Music
Conducting Scores
Music Manuscripts:
15th-18th Centuries
Music Manuscripts:
19th & 20th Centuries
Landmarks of Music Theory

The bi-monthly periodical, American Poetry Review, was founded by the poets Stephen Berg and Stephen Parker in Philadelphia in 1972. The collection primarily comprises the journal's editorial files and includes correspondence, manuscripts submitted for publication, galleys, and administrative and financial records. The photograph exhibited here was published originally in a 1987 issue of the Review as part of an article on the history of the Black Mountain College Summer Art Institute.

John Cage at the Black Mountain College Summer Art Institute
Photographer: Hazel Larsen Archer
In: American Poetry Review Records
Ms. Coll. 349, Box 210

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