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The Keffer Collection of Sheet Music was assembled by Edward Iungerich Keffer (1861-1933), a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and one of Philadelphia's most devoted music patrons. An accomplished amateur violinist and an active member of the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, Keffer was a pioneer in recognizing the value of documenting America's musical heritage, as is evidenced in his extraordinary collection of American sheet music. Donated to the Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia during his lifetime, the collection consists of close to 2,500 items bearing publication dates that range from the 1790s through the late nineteenth century. Approximately half of the titles were printed in Philadelphia by such publishers as John Aitken, G. E. Blake, Benjamin Carr, George Willig, and Lee and Walker, and included among them are many works composed by Musical Fund Society members. The collection's importance, however, exceeds the boundaries of Philadelphia and encompasses the whole of the country, representing one hundred years of the music publishing trade.

Louis St. Mars
Hippopotamus Polka
New York: W. Hall & Sons, ca. 1850
In: Keffer Collection of Sheet Music
M 1 A13 K4, Box 36a, no. 22

Cover illustration from the lithographic studio of Napoleon Sarony from a drawing by John H. Sherwin

The Chaplet: a Waltz
Philadelphia: R.H. Hobson, [between 1829 and 1834]
In: Keffer Collection of Sheet Music
M 1 A13 K4, Box 40, no. 3

The Fowler: A Favorite Song by the celebrated Mr. Mozart
Philadelphia: G. Willig's Musical Magazin, 1795
In: Keffer Collection of Sheet Music
M 1 A13 K4, Box 12, no. 38

Voice and piano arrangement of Papageno's aria from the Magic Flute, "Der Vogelfädnger bin ich ja," with English and German text.
This edition also includes an adaptation for guitar.

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