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Eugene Ormandy
A Centennial Celebration

Curated by Marjorie Hassen
Otto E. Albrecht Music Library
University of Pennsylvania

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Collaborating with Artur Rubinstein

Artur Rubinstein in rehearsal with
Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, ca. 1967
Photographer: Adrian Siegel

Artur Rubinstein
Letter to Eugene Ormandy
29 August 1975

Rubinstein was a favorite soloist of Ormandy's and performed regularly with the Orchestra from 1938 through the mid 1970s. In this letter Rubinstein confirms the repertory--Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto and Brahms' 1st Piano Concerto--he will perform during the coming season. Ormandy has indicated the timings of these works in pencil.

Table of Contents

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