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Le rime del Petrarca, con brevi annotazioni [da Antonio Marsand].
Firenze: Presso Giuseppe Molini, 1822.
University of Pennsylvania Library.



Engraving on pink paper showing the "Triumph of Love". Amor, the god Cupid, stands in triumphant pose, overseeing his shackled prisoners, who include men and woman, gods and mortals, sinners alike. The terzine is from the first canto of the Triumph of Love (verses 22-25):

quattro destrier vie piy che neve bianchi;
sovr'un carro di foco un garzon crudo
con arco in man e con saette a' fianchi;

("Four steeds far whiter than any snow,
and above a fiery chariot a cruel lad,
with bow in hand, and arrows by his side.")