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Francesco Petrarca.
"Trionfi del clarissimo poeta Mesere Francescho Petrarcha Fiorentino . . . "
Mss Bd. Petrarch P49 R512+
Manuscript on vellum. Florence, 1465-1470.
Copied by Nicolaus Spinosus. Illuminated by Francesco d'Antonio del Chierico.
Cornell University Library.


Fol. 1 verso-2 recto.
Beginning of the Triumphs, with celebratory illuminations ("Incomincia felicemente").


Fol. 2 recto.
Detail of illuminated initial "N." Petrarch, crowned in laurel,
wistfully dreams while Time retreats on crutches.

Fol. 2 recto.
Detail of female head, top.

Fol. 2 recto.
Detail of male bust, with stag and bird, bottom right.

Fol. 2 recto.
Detail. "Putto" with moth. Upper left margin.

Fol. 2 recto.
Detail of unidentified coat of arms, with winged cherubs, or "amorini." Bottom at center.