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The Boks

Leopold Stokowski (left) with Mary Louise Curtis Bok (center) and Edward Bok (right), ca. 1925

Johann Sebastian Bach
Passacaglia for Organ in C Minor (excerpt)

Arranged and recorded for the Duo-Art Aeolian Pipe Organ
by Leopold Stokowski from his own adaptation
for the orchestra in collaboration with Harry Ross Shelley

A unique organ roll of J. S. Bach's Passacaglia in c minor for organ, arranged and recorded by Leopold Stokowski for the Duo-Art Aeolian Pipe Organ, 1925, and presented as a Christmas gift for Edward and Mary Louise Curtis Bok

Note: "Prince" was the Bok's nickname for Stokowski (ascribed after the pianist Josef Hofmann referred to Stokowski as a "prince of conductors")

Letter of resignation from Leopold Stokowski to Curtis Bok, 29 July 1941

Edward Bok's son, Curtis, would follow his father as an active supporter of Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra, serving as President of the Orchestra board at the opening of the 1934-35 concert season. In December 1934, however, Bok resigned his position in a show of support for the conductor, whose artistic and managerial demands were at the center of a power struggle among board members.

This letter was written at the conclusion of Stokowski's final season with the Orchestra, which he would not conduct again until 1960.

Stokowski on his Departure from Philadelphia
From an interview with Martin Bookspan,
broadcast 22 April 1960 on WQXR (New York City)

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