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Group Study Rooms in the Libraries


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Group Study Rooms in the Biomedical Library

The rooms listed below are available for use by Penn Students, Faculty, and Staff. Some restrictions apply.

Biomedical Library
36th & Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia PA 19104-6060
215 898-5815

Room Use Policies
Use of study rooms is restricted to Penn, UPHS, and affiliate ID holders.
Groups may reserve a study room for up to three hours in a single day.
Reservations may be made up to one week in advance.
Groups that don't show up within ten minutes of their reserved start time will forfeit the reservation.
Individuals may not reserve study rooms but may use unreserved rooms if not needed by a group.
Drinks are allowed, but food is allowed only in the ground floor study lounge *.

Book a Group Study Room

Ground Floor Group Study Rooms
(4 rooms)
rooms G4F, G4G, G4H, & G4J.1
(Ground floor)
4-person table (each room) LCD flat panel monitor,
computer, whiteboard
Ground Floor Group Study Lounge

No reservation required.
* Food & drinks are allowed.

room G4J
(Ground floor)
(2) 6-person tables  
Blue Level Group Study Rooms
(2 Rooms)
rooms A & B
(Blue level)
2-4 (each room) Chalkboard
Blue Level Group Study Room room C
(Blue level)
(2) 6-person tables,
Additional seating available

Ground floor conference room:
Available for reservations on weeknights after 5pm and on weekends.
Exceptions for daytime reservations for faculty are possible
depending on room availability
(contact Barbara Cavanaugh at (215) 898-8020 or

room G18
(Ground floor)
10-person table,
Additional seating available

Computer, projector, webcam,