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PennCash Problems & What to do

Locations of PennCard Service

Van Pelt-Dietrich Library
3420 Walnut St.
2nd Floor Business Office-Room 240
or 3rd Floor Photocopy Office
Biomedical Library
Johnson Pavilion
3610 Hamilton Walk
Circulation Desk
or Administration Office
PennCard Center
Penn Bookstore
3601 Walnut Street, Second floor

For Departmental Cards

All Card Problems: Go to the Van Pelt-Dietrich Business Office or the Biomedical Library Administration Office for assistance.

Lost Cards

Cards Found: All found cards should be given to the Building Supervisor in Van Pelt or the circulation desk at any other Library. Card owners will be notified if a card is found. After three days if cards are unclaimed they will be taken the PennCard Center.
Cards Lost: If a PennCard is lost, the patron should immediately notify the PennCard Center at 7-CARD or 417-CARD. Contact the Van Pelt business office (room 239, telephone 215-898-7567) or the circulation desk at the library in which it was lost to see if it has been turned in. If the card was not turned in:
  • PennCard owners need to go to the PennCard Center for a replacement PennCard.
  • PennCash Card and Departmental Card owners will need to purchase a new card.

Expired Cards

Departmental Cards: Go to the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Business Office or the Biomedical Library Administration Office for assistance.
Cards Purchased through a "VTS" (Value Transfer Station): Go to the PennCard Center on the first floor of the Franklin Building to obtain a new card and recoup the value of the old card.

Lost Money or Bad Copies

Printing: Go to the Van Pelt Library or Biomedical Library and the lost value will be added to your card.

Copying: Go to the nearest circulation or reference desk for assistance. They will be able to recopy the item for you at no charge.

PennCash Machine Problems

Call 7-CARD or 417-CARD (2273)
You will be connected to voice mail and then listen to your options. Four pieces of information will be requested:

  1. Your name and number
  2. Location of the machine
  3. Equipment type, e.g. VTS
  4. Error message displayed or type of problem encountered.

Questions and Problems: Please direct any questions about PennCash in the libraries to Bob Puri at, (215) 898-7567, or Anne Seymour in the Biomedical Library at , (215) 898-4115.