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Student Employment in the Libraries

Student jobs in the University Libraries at Penn are diverse in their location, responsibilities, scheduling options, and skill requirements. Jobs range from the ones everyone sees and associates with working in a library such as shelving, checking out books, and doing research, to less visible ones such as book preservation, cataloging, and web-design. Student workers are an integral contribution to every department in the University Libraries. Having a part-time job while you are taking classes is both an opportunity to earn money, as well as a chance to learn time management, gain work experience, and a reference for future potential employers. We have jobs with daytime, evening, and weekend hours. There are libraries all over campus, convenient to whatever your daily route might be. Students work with texts in foreign languages, lend computer expertise, and assist in the music listening room. No matter what your interests are, you can easily find a job of interest in one of the Libraries at Penn.

Want to work at the library? How to Apply:

Student Employment Job Fair!
01/14/2016 in Van Pelt 223
On Site Hiring for Circulation, Stacks, and Interlibrary Loan
Please bring resume, availability, and identification (including Social Security Card)

Open student positions in Van Pelt Library are posted on the Student Employment Management System (SEMS) under category "Library."
Write down the titles of the jobs that interest you, because you will need to note them on your application (click here to apply online!). Our application does not work with Google Chrome! For best results please use Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

For information on working at other libraries on campus, see Departmental Libraries.

We give preference to work-study students, but we will also hire non work-study students for all of our positions.
Some positions require certain experience or skills, but many are suitable for any Penn student.
If you are flexible about the type of work you do, we recommend that you apply for multiple jobs, as it will be the easier to place you somewhere.

Current student workers: Questions about your pay? Try looking at "Time and Money."

Questions? Many frequently asked questions are answered on our FAQ, but if you cannot find the information you're seeking, contact:
Royce Drake