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Frequently Asked Questions on Time and Money for Van Pelt Library Student Workers

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How does pay work?
**Nobody can be paid until they complete the proper paperwork. See Getting on the Payroll for more information.**
Write the hours you work on a timesheet, sign it, and give it to your supervisor to sign. You or your supervisor must bring the timesheet to Library Human Resources (Rm 239) Friday by noon. You then receive pay for those hours a week later. The work week runs from Saturday to Friday. For example, if you work Saturday, August 25th to Friday, August 31st and you hand in a timesheet for those hours on the 31st, you will be paid for them on Friday, September 7th.

How often do I get paid?
You get paid once a week, every Friday, provided that you hand in a timesheet the Friday before. The only exception is for some graduate students, usually in the School of Arts and Sciences, who are paid monthly by their home departments.

How much do I get paid?
The minimum wage we pay is $7.25 an hour, but some positions pay more based on difficulty of tasks, as well as required skills and experience. When you look for open student worker positions on the Student Employment Management website, the starting wage for that position is posted along with the job description.

How much can I work?
Student workers can work a maximum of 20 hours when class is in session and 40 hours during academic breaks, including summers. The Student Coordinator usually sends out reminders before a break with the dates during which you can work 40 hours.

Where should I bring my timesheet?
Bring your timesheet to the Library Human Resources Office, which is Rm 239 of Van Pelt Library, every Friday by 12 pm. You can bring it in person or fax it to (215) 573-0799.

What if my timesheet is late?
Timesheets are due Friday at noon. If you hand it in late, you will still be paid, but your pay will be a week late.

How do I get paid?
The University offers two pay options: direct deposit and ADP TotalPay Card. For more information, see:
You can sign up for direct deposit online at the Penn Portal and click on the link on the lefthand side: "Update Direct Deposit."

If you have questions, contact the Student Coordinator or stop into Rm 239.

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