Expanding Earth:
Travel, Encounter, and Exchange

On exhibit February 9 - May 19, 2017
Goldstein Family Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

Globalization is no recent phenomenon. People, ideas, and objects have always been on the move, encountering and changing one another as a result. This exhibit presents some of the textual and material residues of these encounters and travels, characteristic of past as well as present human activity and curiosity. Focusing on the years 1400 to 1800, the exhibit examines and looks beyond familiar Eurocentric ideas of exploration, conquest, and "discovery." Using manuscripts, printed books, drawings, maps, and artifacts, Expanding Earth highlights the movements of peoples, ideas, and goods across the world in their own words and in material objects. The related conference To the Ends of the Earth will take place March 2-4 For more information on the exhibition and related conference.

Arbitrary Pleasures - Plaisirs Arbitraires

On exhibit September 26, 2016 - March 10, 2017
Kamin Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center

Dan Rose conjures the controlled wildness of Raymond Roussel, Marcel Duchamp, Harry Mathews, Georges Perec, and the OuLiPo movement with the assured irreverence of an accomplished book artist. Drawing from the tradition of formal constraints--if not always arbitrary pleasures--his artist books flip advertising, anthropology, philosophy, architecture, and gender identity on their heads. Rose's visual narratives of such topics as the underarm, big science, sex, motherhood, large corporations, super-secret government projects, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's image take the viewer-reader on journeys into elegant absurdity. For more information