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LLBA moves to CSA

This week, the Penn Library introduces a new interface for its principal linguistics journal article index, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts.

In using the CSA Internet Database Service interface, LLBA joins these related Penn Library Web databases:

Communication Abstracts
Sociological Abstracts

LLBA's new interface maintains the complete content from the current interface and provides several helpful features:
  • Speedier updating, as LLBA is published by CSA.
  • Excellent thesaurus support, with comprehensive "explode" searching for hierarchical descriptors.
  • Saved searches and weekly e-mail alerts.
  • Simultaneous multiple-database searching.
  • Hyperlinking to articles in the SAGE Fulltext Collections for communication and sociology.
  • PennText article finding support.
  • Unlimited simultaneous users. No "all ports full" messages!

Penn Library Web persistent URLs -- -- will not change during this transitional period. The SilverPlatter version of LLBA will remain available as a closed file for a brief period.

Please know that the LLBA interface change occurred suddenly and as a result of publisher-vendor negotiations in which the Penn Library played no part. CSA ended its contract with SilverPlatter this month. We are fortunate that the change occurred smoothly and that the CSA interface is so robust.

For more information:
Lauris Olson, Social Sciences Bibliographer