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National Geographic Magazine Archive: 1888-1994

The National Geographic Magazine Archive: 1888-1994 - as its first president, Alexander Graham Bell put it, "THE WORLD AND ALL THAT IS IN IT" - is now online for Penn readers!

All National Geographic issues, all articles, all advertisements, all pages, all map supplements, and all the glorious photos and covers from every issue through volume 186, issue 6 (December 1994) are available for fulltext searching, reading, printing, and downloading. Search tools permit filtering by subject and geographic area, word and phrase searching, subject searching and magazine section and image type limiting. The National Geographic Magazine Archive is produced by Gale Cengage.

A handy "Graphing Tool" shows the frequency of occurrence for specific words or phrases in National Geographic articles. Peak mentions for "University of Pennsylvania" occurred in 1899 (with an article on "The Interoceanic Canal" by Penn professor Emory R. Johnson), in 1987 (articles on smell featuring the Monell Center and on excavations at El Mirador) and in 1963 and 1968 (featuring articles on underwater archaeology by Penn professor George F. Bass). Another tool, "Term Clusters", organizes search results into clusters of terms selected from article text.

The National Geographic Magazine Archive has been acquired by the Penn Libraries with support from the Orrery Society, the Dr. Craig Baxter Memorial Fund, Martin Meyerson Memorial Fund, Elisabeth J. Tooker Fund, George C. Vaillant Book Fund, and the Fine Arts Library Gift Fund.

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Lauris Olson, Social Sciences Bibliographer