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Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966

Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966 reproduces online in searchable PDF page images important British Foreign Office and Colonial Office documents on Africa from the start of the historical modern British colonial enterprise in Africa through the first years of African national independence.

Confidential Print: Africa was originally compiled as reprints of important correspondence for confidential circulation to leading Foreign Office officials, Cabinet members, and heads of British missions abroad. The set includes ingoing and outgoing diplomatic dispatches and other correspondence, statistical reports, accounts of tours and profiles of leading figures, minutes of meetings and conferences and texts of treaties. A collection of 300 maps separated from their parent print is included in the online resource.

The online collection reproduces these entire Confidential Print: Africa Colonial Office, Dominions Office, and Foreign Office file classes held at The National Archives (UK) including:

CO 879/1-190Africa, 1848-1961
CO 886/1-11Dominions, 1907-1925
DO 116/1-8Dominions (South African), 1913-1944
FO 341/1-3Africa 1884-1900
FO 401/1-48Abyssinia, 1846-1956
FO 403/1-482Africa, 1834-1957
FO 413/1-99Morocco and North-West Africa, 1839-1957
FO 458/1-157West Africa, 1882-1950
FO 468/1-4British Commonwealth, 1945-1949
FO 485/1-3Liberia, 1947-1949
FO 540/1-6Libya, 1951-1956

and selected files from additional Colonial Office, Dominions Office, and War Office file classes:

CO 885/1-140War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office, 1839-1966
DO 114/1-120Dominions Office, 1924-1951
DO 201/1-53Commonwealth Relations Office, 1946-1966
WO 287/1-287War Office, 1904-1949

The online Confidential Print: Africa collection greatly enhances the Penn Libraries' British documents holdings. The print set, British documents on foreign affairs, covering the mid-19th century through 1956, reprints selections only from from the Foreign Office Confidential Print series.

Confidential Print: Africa is an Adam Matthew Digital Archives Direct product, a series from which the Penn Libraries has purchased Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969 and the forthcoming Confidential Print: Latin America, 1833-1969.

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