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2012 Community Health Data Base data now available!

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The initial 2012 data release of the Community Health Data Base's Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey, the oldest and one of the largest regional health surveys in the U.S., is now available through the Penn Library Web!

An overview of the Penn Libraries Community Health Data Base holdings is provided in our Community Health Data Base - Penn Libraries resources research guide. The SEPA Household Health Survey microdata web page provides links to codebooks and SPSS sav format microdata files for PennKey-holding Penn students, faculty, and researchers. The Community Health Data Base Online Data Analysis Tool has not yet loaded the 2012 SEPA HHS data.

The SEPA Household Health Survey, conducted bienially by the Public Health Management Corporation, interviews approximately 10,000 households in Philadelphia and Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, with oversamples of adults 60 and 75 years and older and also of Asian households. For the 2012 survey, 20 percent of the sample interviews included cellphone users.

The SEPA Household Health Survey microdata web page provides data from the SEPA HHS starting with the 1994 biennial survey and the Online Data Analysis Tool provide data from the SEPA HHS starting with the 2000 survey.

The SEPA Household Health Survey asks a core set of health indicator questions, covering health status, disease prevention and access to care, personal health behaviors, health insurance status, women's health, child health, and older adult health and social support needs. An overview of survey questions asked across 1996 through 2010 is presented in the Community Health Data Base 2010 Multi-Year Data Guide. New questions for the 2012 survey include:

  • Walk-in retail clinic use
  • Chronic pain
  • Perceptions of cigarette smoke
  • Sedentary lifestyle behaviors, including children's behaviors
  • Access to parks and other outdoor space
  • Caregivers for longterm illness or disability
  • Sources of information on children's health information
  • Children's safety in the community
  • Early childhood education
More information on the range of SEPA HHS topics and findings may be found at the CHDB web site's CHDB Reports web page.

The current 2012 data release is the first release of the 2012 data. In Summer 2013, the Public Health Management Corporation will release an update that includes Census Tract and Community identifiers for the five counties and Neighborhood, Planning Analysis Section, and Health District identitifers for Philadelphia County.

Access to the 2012 Southeast Pennsylvania Household Health Survey data is provided by a cooperative effort between the Penn Libraries and the Leonard Davis Institute and associated campus research centers. During the Spring 2012 semester, the Penn Libraries and its partners will present orientation programs for campus CHDB users. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information:
Christine Murray, Social Sciences Data Services Librarian
Lauris Olson, Social Sciences Bibliographer