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Russell Sage Foundation e-books from Project MUSE

The Penn Libraries welcomes Project MUSE as a new e-book provider through the acquisition of more than 150 Russell Sage Foundation e-books.

Project MUSE has been a dependable platform for humanities and social sciences e-journals since its founding by the Johns Hopkins University Press in 1995. The platform added e-book collections from university presses and scholarly societies in 2012 and recently permitted libraries to acquire e-books as individual purchases.

The Russell Sage Foundation, founded in 1907, has been the principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences, looking especially to strengthen methods, data, and theory as a means of improving social policies. The Foundation's current publishing program focus on cultural contact, the future of work, immigration, and social inequality. The Foundation also publishes the American Sociological Association's Rose Series in Sociology.

Penn faculty have had a long association with the Russell Sage Foundation's publishing program. Penn faculty represented in the e-books recently purchased include Harold Bershady, Ivar Berg, Camille Charles, Randall Collins, Renee Fox, Frank Furstenberg, Jerry Jacobs, Grace Kao, Annette Lareau, Robin Leidner, Janice Madden, and Tukufu Zuberi (Sociology); Samuel Preston and Irma Elo (Demography); Linda Aiken (Nursing); Michael Katz (History); Mark Stern (SP2); Mauro Guillen and Peter Cappelli (Management); and Paul Rozin (Psychology).

Penn usage of Russell Sage Foundation books is remarkable. At any given time, one-quarter to one-half of Russell Sage Foundation print copies will be charged out to Penn readers. Of the 150-plus e-book titles acquired, print counterparts have been borrowed an average of 7.3 times. 35 of the titles have been borrowed 10 or more times. Russell Sage Foundation titles frequently appear in faculty course reserve requests. The e-book format will provide these in-demand materials to multiple readers around the clock.

We hope to continue acquiring Russell Sage Foundation e-books as they appear in Project MUSE.

For more information:
Lauris Olson, Social Sciences Bibliographer