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DNSA: CIA Covert Operations: From Carter to Obama, 1977-2010

Materials in this collection include the most recently declassified documents from presidential libraries and the National Archives, numerous items released under the Freedom of Information Act, and official reports and hearings. Among the subjects addressed are CIA covert operations in Africa, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Guatemala, Peru, radio broadcasting, and the war on terror, and official views on these activities as well as the management of U.S. intelligence. Among the key documents that shed new light on these activities are memoranda of conversation of presidential national security meetings, NSC staff papers, memoranda to the president from the director of central intelligence, CIA intelligence reports and studies, investigative reports of the CIA inspector general, and much more. For example, the collection contains the records of the meeting with President Ronald Reagan at which officials first discussed a blockade of Nicaragua. This collection will provide researchers with the most highly curated document-based resource available for the study of CIA covert operations.

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