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Community Health Data Base 2012 microdata update

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The Summer 2013 Update release of the Community Health Data Base's Southeastern Pennsylvania Household Health Survey microdata replace the January 2013-release data files. These updated files from the oldest and one of the largest regional health surveys in the U.S., is now available through the Penn Library Web.

The SEPA Household Health Survey, conducted bienially by the Public Health Management Corporation, interviews approximately 10,000 households in Philadelphia and Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, with oversamples of adults 60 and 75 years and older and also of Asian households. For the 2012 survey, 20 percent of the sample interviews included cellphone users.

The Summer 2013 Update adds a new survey data set, 60+ Recontact Survey. This survey was administered with older adults in Philadelphia County who participated in the original 2012 SEPA HHS. The 60+ Recontact Survey included 708 telephone interviews between February 4 and March 10, 2013.

New geographic variables are included in the Summer 2013 Update, along with several new variables added in the 60+ Recontact Survey. The new variables are:

MATCHCensus tract geocoding match method (interactive or batch)
TRACT102010 Census tract
TRACT10PPopulation total for the tract assigned to the case
PAS12Philadelphia's 12 Planning Analysis Sections based on Census tract
PLNDIS18Philadelphia's 18 Planning Districts based on Census tract
NBH4545 Philadelphia neighborhoods based on Census tract
CDPCensus Designated Placesgeographic areas developed by the Census Bureau
CDP_1Census Designated Places  with boroughs and cities designated
HDIST10Philadelphia Health Districts based on Census tract
OBESITY2Combination file variable for adult and child obesity status
TRUST60+ Recontact survey: Trustworthiness of neighbors
NEIGHBOR60+ Recontact survey: Trustworthiness of neighbors - scale
LIVNEIGH60+ Recontact survey: Years lived in neighborhood
PHYSREGA60+ Recontact survey: Physical activity on regular basis

An overview of the Penn Libraries Community Health Data Base holdings is provided in our Community Health Data Base - Penn Libraries resources research guide. The SEPA Household Health Survey microdata web page provides links to codebooks and SPSS sav format microdata files for PennKey-holding Penn students, faculty, and researchers. The Community Health Data Base Online Data Analysis Tool now includes the 2012 SEPA HHS data.

Access to the 2012 Southeast Pennsylvania Household Health Survey data, produced by the Public Health Management Corporation, is provided by a cooperative effort between the Penn Libraries and the Leonard Davis Institute and associated campus research centers.

For more information:
Christine Murray, Data Services Librarian
Lauris Olson, Social Sciences Bibliographer