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Release of ScholarlyCommons@Penn

The Next Step in Digital Publishing
The Library is pleased to announce the release of ScholarlyCommons@Penn, a digital repository of Penn faculty and student research and scholarship. Developed in collaboration with the School of Engineering and Applied Science, ScholarlyCommons@Penn provides a web space for a broad range of scholarship including journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, data sets, computer code, simulations, multimedia files - virtually any form of content that represents intellectual creation at Penn.
The repository provides a highly visible, public web space for faculty and student output. The contents of ScholarlyCommons@Penn is indexed by major search engines like Google and searchable from the repository web site at The repository site has search and browse features, an alert mechanism, and tools for authors to measure the use of their materials. In the long term, the Library believes this technology can help inform new forms of communication between scholars and among disciplines.
While the repository presently concentrates on Engineering work, the Library welcomes interest from other communities at Penn and is testing the feasability of expanding the service University-wide. For information about making the scholarship of your school or department a part of the ScholarlyCommons@Penn, contact Sandra Kerbel, Director for Public Services at 215-898-7091 or

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Sandra Kerbel